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Your centralized contacts database. Simple to organize and work with. Never miss any leads again and transform customers into brand ambassadors.

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A Snapshot of your Business

The center of your successful company. As leads are entered into your CRM, keep a track of them. A single interface to manage your funnel and track your revenue.

Build Connections. Speed up your Business.

As every business revolves around its people, so your contacts are always at the center of Wow!CX CRM. It tracks every activity that helps you to effectively serve current clients and use the data along with your expertise to attract new ones.

Quotations. Billings. Sales.

You may develop and send proposals from the CRM. Send out an invoice to be paid instantly. Keep tabs on sale transactions by contact or business. Superbly designed tools in Wow!CX CRM make the complete process simple.

Discover Wow!CX CRM Features

Feature packed CRM solution designed for business owners.

AKA Mode

Log multiple emails for contacts.


Use API to add contacts from other apps.

Auto-log Events

Build up an activity log for contacts.

Business 2 Business

Manage Companies and Contacts.


Click a phone number. Call your contact.

Client Files

Upload files and attach to contacts.

Client Portal

Give your contacts their own private portal on your site.


Manage company information.

Contact Image Mode

Use Gravatars or custom images.

Contact Logs

Log that important piece of contact data.


Store and manage contacts from your WordPress admin.

CSV Importer

Bulk import contacts from CSV.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contacts.


Your one stop CRM dashboard.

Dynamic Segments

Segment your contacts.

Easy Pay

Quick Pay URLs save your contacts from logging in.


Send emails quickly and easily from your CRM.


Capture leads into your CRM with our easy to use forms.

Gmail Support

Use Gmail to send emails from CRM for contact outreach, invoice notifications (with pdf invoices), etc.


Invoice your contacts easily.

Mail Delivery

Choose how your emails are delivered.

MailPoet Sync

See your MailPoet Subscribers in Wow!CX CRM!

Multi Language, Your Currency

Translated and comes with currency support.

Multiple WooCommerce Stores

Connect multiple stores to your CRM.

OAuth Connector

Connect services like Gmail to your CRM via our OAuth Connector.

Quick Filters

Quickly filter your contact list.


Send Quotes to your contacts. Once they accept, start work.

Store Social Profiles

Log your contacts Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter handles.

System Emails

Transactional emails sent from your CRM.


Tag your contacts and then quickly filter by tag.


Got stuff to do for your contacts? Add tasks to your CRM.

Tax Tables

Display tax on invoices.


Store transactions against your contact. Orders, Donations, anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wow!CX CRM & MA is designed for business owners who need a centralized contacts database to manage their leads, customers, and marketing activities.